Glengarry Maple is a family owned maple farm that takes pride in offering small batch, single forest maple syrup.

Our forest, situated in Eastern Ontario has fairly rocky but fertile soil. Much like a vineyard, a maple forest relies greatly on terroir as well as varietal of maple to develop a full-bodied, rich flavour. Our Mission is to produce high quality maple syrup while managing the bush in a responsible, sustainable way, keeping this beautiful hardwood forest for future generations of those that use the forest and call it home.

We keep our batches of syrup small, boiling each batch longer than most sugar makers. This develops a richer taste with a silky mouth feel. Each batch is a separate product, resulting in bottles that contain a unique, unblended maple syrup.

Glengarry Maple is very proud to offer sustainable, single forest, unblended maple syrup.Type your paragraph here.